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My Most Embarrassing Moment There's nothing worse than that breath-stopping mind-curdling moment of severe humiliation. The kind of cringer where even months later when you think of the incident your brain freezes while your lungs take in an involuntary gasp, and if someone is talking to you during this horrid recollection you can forget trying to absorb what she just said to you. Not including the many faux pas that have slipped my tongue, I've …

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…worse part is that this guy didn't even say anything - he pretended he didn't notice, which made it worse! And my boobs weren't as cute then as they are now. I was in that high-school gawky stage. I cringed for a long time after that, but the boy and me did date all summer. Ironically the whole situation was never brought up, I guess he was just as embarressed as I was. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**