murder in the cathedral

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The production of Murder in the Cathedral, which was a joint effort of the 2-SD students of the College of Arts & Sciences in cooperation with Kultura and Viare, came off with much success. Directed by Carlos Silvestre Carino, this Shakespearean-like play by T. S. Eliot flourished with a well-chosen cast and an ideal stage setting. Eliot centers the play around Archbishop Thomas Becket (alternately played by Joel Parcon & Robster Evangelista), who returns to the town …

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…death as the will of God. Those doors could have kept him safe, but he knew that the entrance to the house of the Lord should never be shut and bolted.The play was a portrayed exceptionally. It fully incorporated the elements that make a spectacular production, but most importantly, It sent the audience home with a sense of triumph at the legacy of one man who was not afraid to die for his beliefs.