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In the heart of the night of Boise the old city artfully lighted. The palazzo rising from the dark dreary desolate piazza floodlit, intensely medieval with its arched windows and battlements like a jack-o-lantern’s teeth. The bell tower soaring into the black sky. The bats will chase mosquitoes across the clocks glowing face until dawn awakes the shivers by the bell. A Glisten of flicking light showers over a chief investigator Renaldo Salvager. His …

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…and picked up the envelope. He felt the edge of something flat that had four sides with sharp pointed corners. He opened the envelope cautiously to find pictures of Mr. Heseley’s mutilated body in a pool of blood seeping from his catheter. On the back it was inscribed: I have followed with endured enthusiasm the course of your disgrace. I wan to go to jesa I wan to go to criez…. I’m back………………