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Chris English 107 Professor Wieland September 18, 2000 Movin’ on up A big move can be rough for anybody, especially a seven-year-old boy and his younger brother. This is an experience a boy named Chris had his brother Matt had to go through when they moved to Northern Kentucky. It was a big change because they had to leave their family and friends, but the hardest person to leave was their mom. Chris’ parents had been divorced for …

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…big room and thinking what was soon to come. Soon after his mother came running crying out of the courtroom. She was wearing a look of hurt and betrayal that he can still picture to this day. “I love you mom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” said Chris with tears running down his face. “I am gonna get you back, I’m gonna get you back, I love you, mommy loves you.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**