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The Mongol invasion of China was perhaps one of the greatest political, social, and economic upheavals in Chinese history. Fierce and obscure people who lived in the outer reaches of the Gobi Desert, present day Outer Mongolia, accomplished it. The outcome of this invasion was the destruction of the Sung Dynasty, and the creation of the Yüan Dynasty, one of the shortest lived of the major Dynasties in Chinese history. The Mongols were an …

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…mere brutality and exploitation. Cultural exchange during this occupation did impart to the rest of the world an interest in China and her culture. However, due to the utter hatred which Chinese people shared for the Mongols, all remnants of their conquest would be totally effaced and any changes tha! t they had instituted would disappear forever. The Chinese at the end of the fourteenth century were self-confidently themselves again, apparently unscathed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** nil