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Several years ago when I was ten I had an opportunity to travel to France. I went to a few museums which I liked including Yhe Louvre and The Pompidou Center. The museum I found most interesting was Mus’ee D’ Orsay. All the paintings at Mus’ee D’ Orsay were impressionist paintings. Claude Monet was the artist who intrigued me the most. What I liked particularly about his paintings was a lot of them …

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…Sunrise” of 1872 gave the impressionist movement its name.(Monet pg.6) Impressionism is described by myself as someone who looks at a scene and then tries to create it in a way to make it look unreal yet extrodinary. The word “impressionism” conjures up a brightly colored, modestly sized picture of a light- filled landscape or cityscape painted with broken brushwork.(Thompson and Howard pg.6) Impressionism began in the Bibliography essay on monet and his work