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rom Fear of Frying and other Fax of Life By Josh Freed I was sitting at a busy New York café a few months ago when a young woman approached my table. "Excuse me," she said. "I hate to be so bold, but could I possibly ask you what you're eating, if you don't mind me asking." In a flash, I knew-she was Canadian!-and I said so. "Gee!" she said." "How did you guess?" …

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…us. Our country's existence suggests the American Revolution was an utter waste of time, a lot of blood spilled for nothing, when a couple of centuries of meetings and constitutional conferences could have cleared things up without firing a shot. If George Washington had fought a little less, and talked a little more, maybe the U.S. could have avoided its revolution altogether-and slowly, cautiously and quietly built a kinder and gentler America. Like us.