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MICE Mice are any of small scampering rodents or mammls with fur and warm blood.There are more than threee hundred types of mice. The house mouse is the most common, their noctournal. House mice are also called comminsals. The family Cricetidae includes lemmins, musckrats,rats and mice native to the new world. th family Muridae,old world rats and mice, includes Mus musculus, the common house mouse. The term mouse,like the term rat,…

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…balancers, can leap as high as ten feet in the air.They are found only in the northern hemisphere. The family Heteromyidae includes the pocket mose which is the smallest North American rodent. It has a fur-lined, external cheek pouches. The Albino mouse, is a strain of the common house mouse, and is used widly in biological reaserch. The Albino mouse is very rare and is usually solid white and have red eyes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**