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This week’s topic is the beginning of metaphysics. Metaphysics is the study of the ultimate nature of reality. Within this subject is the argument of mind versus matter. In this report I will expand on my thoughts of idealism and the brain and body versus the mind. Idealism is “the theory that the body itself is nothing but a collection of actual or possible sense-data- sights, sounds, touches, and smells”. I suppose taste would …

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…these ideas are contrary to the beliefs of Descartes dualism, they are my own. My final closing statement is in attempt to summarize my point. If thought were a “sense” of the mind then that “sense” would be included in the definition of a body according to idealism. And since thought is what I believe makes up the mind, then a mind would be dependent on the body: i.e. the brain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Decartes