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Marketing Midterm March 22, 2000 1. The World Wide Web is a very effective marketing tool for many reasons. It provides companies with an affordable and powerful way to reach people at ant time of day. The World Wide Web has basically four techniques that enable companies to market their products. There are interactive brochures, which range from simple one-page electronic flyers to multimedia presentations. Virtual storefronts take the interactive brochures one step further and allows customers to …

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…features distinguish shopping products such as physical attributes, service attributes, prices, styling, and the places of purchase. Specialty products are goods or services with unique characteristics that cause the buyer to prize it and make a special effort to obtain it. Some specialty products include Gucci handbags, Ritz-Carlton resorts, Tiffany jewelry, and Rolls-Royce automobiles. Purchasers of specialty products know exactly what they want and they are willing to make special efforts to satisfy those wants.