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3/24/00 Marcus Garvey was born on august 17 1887 in St. Ann's bay he attend school but because of his family situation of poverty he had to quit school. And gets a job as an apprentice in his god father print shop as a printer. Garvey soon aspired to become a Forman at the print shop and after the earthquake in 1907 he went on strike with the workers for better pay even though he did not have to. …

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…upset by the invasion. But in 1940 in England died. Marten Luther king studied Garveys teaching ideas and said he was the first to organize millions of blacks he was also inspired many African leaders. Each time you see a country in Africa gain freedom you know Marcus Garvey is alive said Malcolm X Bibliography Bibliography Title:Champions of the Ring Author: Gerald Suster Publisher: Robson Books LTD Copyright: 1992 Title: Grolier Encyclopedia Publisher: Microsoft Copyright: 1995 Internet: