maintaining a healthy weight

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Maintaining A Healthy Weight Data collected from more than 20,000 people by the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reveal a distressing picture of excessive weight and obesity in American Society( These increases have been caused by greater daily caloric consumption and a relatively low level of consistent physical activity. Today the average American man consumes 2,684 calories per day compared to 1,531 calories in 1980. Additionally only 22 percent of adults engage in thirty minutes of moderately intense …

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…are identical. In such a situation, our bodies are said to be in caloric balance. Each personÆs caloric activity requirements vary directly according to the amount of daily psyical work completed. Even within a given general job type, the amount of caloric expenditure will vary according to the psyical effect required. For example, a police officer who walks a neighborhood, will usually expend many more calories than the typical police dispatchik or motorcycle officer.