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Lord Byron's Euthanasia George Gordon, also known as Lord Byron, was born on January 22nd, in London. Lord Byron was born witht the physical deformaty known as a "clubfoot" or lame foot. As a chail, Byron lived with his mother, Catherine Byron, in Scotland, they were fairly poor. He stayed with his mother in Scotland until he inherited the estate of the "wicked" Lord Byron, George Gordon's uncle. The estste was called Newstead Abbey. During …

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…to never have existed. He always felt his life was tormenting and that to not have existed would have been a much easier alternative. The poem "Euthanasia" is one of Byron's best works and reflects of his life greatly. It shows his outlook on life as well as tells his opinion on his experievcecs and feelings like no other account has or can. In many ways, "Euthanasia" is the embodiment of George Noel Gordon Byron.