loosing through surviving

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Loosing Through Surviving During World War 2 many lives were changed through destruction, and pain. Those who survived were strong, but that did not make them winners. Surviving requires more than simply being alive. The sacrifices, and offenses placed upon those who survived took something away from them, and although they survived, winning the game of life for now they must live with haunting memories for the rest of their life. In Spiegelmanís Maus, those …

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…time period; therefore history is one interpretation of the truth. Maus, therefore is a survivorís story, Artís story. Although Vladek did not come out of the war a winner, through Maus he is able to truly live, once again. He has created an eternal existence for himself on the pages of this book by telling his story to all those who read it; and only now may he truly be considered a winner.