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Long Leaf Pine Occurrence The long leaf pine community, also known as a high pine community, occurs on well-drained soils and are well adapted to fires. They are found on the high ground in Florida where the soil can not contain the water and the sandy soil remains dry in between the rains. This community requires frequent, low-intensity fires, which occur every one to ten years, to open seed cones and allow the community to …

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…this is because the floor of the long leaf community is much denser than that of the sand pine. The pine trees of both of these communities are very adept to fires and as such have developed an immunity to fire. They both use fire to open up their pinecones, enabling them to regenerate themselves. Bibliography Bibliography Ecology, Microsoft® Encarta® 97 Encyclopedia. © 1993-1996 Microsoft Corporation. Ecosystems of Florida, Myers and Ewel, University of Central Florida Press, 1990