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To ensure a free society, our forefathers granted us the universal right to free speech. This meant that anyone could be scrutinized, if the information was true, by the media. The LAPD officers who beat Rodney King were scrutinized; Richard Nixon was scrutinized; even Jerry Springer has been scrutinized. These accusations by the media turned out to be true, and that is fine with me, but what about when the media jumps too far ahead? …

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…far. This homicide in Littleton has turned from a mass killing into a nationwide crusade to limit gun sales; a disturbance in rural America has become a ripple in the way parents should raise their kids. Personally, I don't buy into it. Yes, I feel bad for the victims, but there is no reason I should also feel victimized. And that is exactly what I think the media has done to a lot of people.