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English 3 AP QUIZ I. Settings-pg.1 ch.1 "The sun flared down on the growing corn day after day until a line of brown spread along the edge of each green bayonet, so the earth became pale, pink in the red country and white in the gray country. In the water-cut gullies the earth dusted down in dry little streams. Gophers and ant lions started small avalanches. And as the sharp sun struck day after day, the …

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…he could not cheer or whip or curse or encourage himself. He did not know or own or trust or beseech the land." The structure of this sentence is repeated with the repetition of the word, "or". "The cat roared with a ferocious intensity. It's purr rattled throughout the land and shook the very ground it destroyed" This is Steinbeck using vivid sound imagery to describe the destructive nature of the big machines.