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Liberation “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour” expresses the attitudes of two women’s rebirth and liberation. These two stories are alike in several ways. Natures plays a major role in both of these women’s lives. Calixta and Mrs. Louise Mallard struggle to find their independence and in doing so the endings are triumphant and tragic. “The Storm” begins on a stormy spring day, with the protagonist Calixta at her sewing machine. …

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…not to deviate from that. Mrs. Mallard could have been very young when she and Brently were married. She may not have had the opportunity to see the world through a liberated woman’s eyes and she thought now was her chance. Chopin, Kate. “The Story of an Hour.” Literature For Composition. Ed. Sylvan Barnet, et al. New York: 1996. 12-13 Chopin, Kate. “The Storm.” The Norton Anthology. Ed. Nina Baym, et al. New York: 1999. 1612-1615