kafka's the metamorphosis

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in franz kafka's "the metamorphosis", kafka describes a son who suffers botha literal and symbolic transformation into a huge, repulsive, fatally wounded insect. through characterization, metaphors, and irony, kafka gives his story deep underlying meanings, yet writes so simply that it could very well be the point of view of a defenseless child. gregor samsa, the main character of the novel, believes himself to be useless to society in general. kafka uses characterization, by transforming …

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…remorse. with gregor out of the picture, herr samsa turns to his budding daughter as a source of the family's future comfort, never thinking again of the poor gregor. gregor samsa, perhaps one of the most tragic characters in literature, was made to face a terrible sentece of isolation, betrayal, and self doubt. kafka throws this poor man's fate at us to show the phsychological relationships between children and parents and the individual and society.