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2.a) Why does the Athenian jury convict Socrates, and why does Socrates maintain his innocence? b) Do you think it was right for Socrates to accept his punishment of death without fleeing, even though he thought he was innocent? The Athenian jury convicts Socrates of corrupting the youth. They feel that Socrates has stopped the youth from thinking for themselves. This is going against the laws of the city. Socrates maintains his innocence for many …

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…This was his quest to begin with. His students and the town’s people will relish his teachings because he is showing how much he believes in himself, which results in others believing in him also. I feel that because Socrates was arrested for corrupting the youth he was presented with an opportunity to solidify his teachings. By accepting death as punishment, Socrates is proving that his teachings are true and he believes in them.