justice in plato versus justice in aristotle

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Justice in Plato vs. Justice in Aristotle Usually when you hear that someone is a teacher you tend to believe that the ideas of his or her pupils would be somewhat similar to those in his or her teachings. Often enough the student decides to take what he or she learns from his teacher and expands or even opposes his teacher's ideas. Aristotle was a student of the often imitated, never paralleled, philosopher, Plato. Although …

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…a just society, their rulers are wise, the soldiers are brave, and the producers of material goods exercise self-control and are not overwhelmed by their desires for gain. (Great Thinkers of the Western World, Ian P. McGeal, editor.) (Justice as compromise) Aristotle taught that justice was a compromise of the common interests. The factors included in the belief of justice as a compromise are law, assumption of state and the assumption of man as political.