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Self Fulfilling Prophecy In the story, “The Judge’s Wife,” by Isabel Allende; Nicholas Vidal, the son of Juana, the Forlorn, came in to the world regardless of the countless tries of violent abortions. Vidal was born with four nipples; therefore, the mid-wife predicted that Vidal would lose his head over a woman. This same prediction was later confirmed by a Turkish fortune teller at the corner shop. Vidal lived his whole life cold and …

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…Knowing how he would die caused him to avoid women and lived a secluded life. Ironically in the end, the propehcy came true. Casilda caused his death because he stayed with her, enabling the soldiers to find him and kill him. Maybe if he did not know about his future, the ending would have ended in a different way. His self-fulfilling prophecy came true because he believed his destiny and made it to come true.