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And the Denver Broncos, with their number three pick in the 1983 draft select...John Elway. The young rookie, standing six feet, three inches tall and one hundred ninety-three pounds, joyfully stood center stage accepting his new jersey. He was selected for his perfect quarterback build and his amazing skills on the field. Scouts were appauled at the way this man could see the field and read defenses. These skills brought him into this league, but …

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…in almost every quarterback statistic, including fourth quarter comebacks, career victories, rushing attemps by a quarterback, and much, much more. John also was named NFL MVP two times, while also being named AFC MVP twice. Above all of these records and titles that this all-time great has held, the most important statistic is that he has owned the World Championship...twice. Thus, making him the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League.