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Johann Sebastian Bach's father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, taught him how to play the violin and the harpischord when he was a small child. After his father and mother died within nine months of each other, Johann Sebastian went to live with his older brother Johann Christoph Bach, who was the organist for St. Michaeliskirche in Ohrdruf. Johann Sebastian studied the organ and the harpsichord under his brothers tutelage. Johann Christoph believed his brother would learn …

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…representative of the many elements J.S. Bach used. In this work his four part fugue is a conjunct polyphonic composition that through the repetitive element emphasized the text. In fact, J.S. Bach did not invent anything new in particular, but his hard work and dedication brought the Baroque style to heights of brilliance, inspired others to greatness, and left us with a wide variety of music that touches millions of lives. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**