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Basically, I have a great influence by Chinese culture and also I like to discovery many traditional things, so I choice ¡§jade¡¨ for my topic. Jade is not an ordinary stone. Not only it has a mystical background, but also it has deep historical and cultural influence in Chinese society. There are many legends about jade¡¦s origin; according to the famous one, China was invaded by the Tartar barbarians, the Imperial Dragon shed tears …

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…influence by jade. Not only because its value, but also its spiritual position. Nowadays, collecting jade has become a business and people¡¦s pastime. By doing so, collectors can enjoy its excellence and purity. BIBLIOGRAPHY Chiang, Fu-tsung. Masterworks of Chinese Jade in the national palace museum Taipei, Taiwan: National Palace Museum, 1982 Gump, Richard. ¡§Stone of Heaven¡¨ Jade Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1962 No author ¡§Imperial Treasures¡¨ Available: http://www.imperialtreasures.com/jades.htm