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Character Analysis of Wilfred of Ivanhoe Wilfred of Ivanhoe, a heroic English prince, through out the story undergoes many mental and physical changes. His respect, bravery and loyalness lead him to strive for success. By following in his fathers footsteps, Ivanhoe tremendously matures through out the novel. Ivanhoe was the son of Cedric of Saxon. Ivanhoe falls in love with his fathers ward and is disowned by his father. The king steps in and adopts …

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…Ivanhoe and his men never give up and fight to the end for their country. With the odds against them, Ivanhoe and his men surprisingly carry out their plans and free the true king of England. Ivanhoe matures rapidly and quickly in the novel. By following in his fathers footsteps, Ivanhoe is able to follow guidelines of morality preestablished by his father. Because of Ivanhoe's determination, bravery and loyalness, he matures greatly and gains success.