is it right to clone humans

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After reading an essay entitled Is it right to clone a human?, I felt like I should give some information along with a more realistic view on the topic. This essay, written by Charlie Cho, is about the new technology of cloning and gives a lot of misconceptions as reasons to ban its research and future use forever. The essay makes many clear points as to why we should ban cloning. Cho states that we …

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…the possible destroyer of human civilization that it’s thought to be. Charlie Cho has not even given cloning a chance, so his view on the topic is an uneducated one. Bibliography The Dictionary of Art. Macmillan Publishers Limited. pgs 856-961. c 1996 Danto, Ginger. “Van Gogh Slept Here”. Art News. v 89. March 1990. pgs 148-55 Bonafoux, Pascal. Van Gogh. Barrie and Jenkins Ltd. c 1989 Callow, Philip. Van Gogh: A Life. W. H. Allen & Co. Plc. c 1990