ironclads of the civil war

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IRONCLADS OF THE CIVIL WAR The book I read is called IRONCLADS OF THE CIVIL WAR. When you think of the Civil War you think of on land battles, but there were also many battles in the water. The Civil War introduced the Ironclads, which are huge ships made of iron with no sails and very destructive. The first built and launched ironclad was in 1855 and it was named the Merrimac. Europe just starting building …

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…partly armored and several feet of her wooden hull were out of the water. Since the Monitor was so close. The new Captain Josiah Tatthan decided to save his crew and blew up the Merrimac. All that night they ferried ashore in her two boats. The Monitor and the Merrimac were both “firsts” in the respect that they were the first major warships without sails. And they both played huge parts in the Civil War.