in the name of god

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although many positive long term outcomes emerged from the "discovery" of the new word by the Westerners, the overall effects on the Indigenous peoples far outweigh the immediate and long term gains that Western presence would have brought after the Spanish conquest of the Indies. The word that the SPanish encountered when they landed on what is now reffered to as "The Americas", was described in Columbus' diaries as Utopia - "La Spaniola is marvelous, …

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…understood a single word read aloud. These voyages were justified by the will of God that the Spainish had found this new territory, and therefore it was the Will of God that they should rule it and convert or banish all heathens and heretics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** [1] "Columbus's Letters to the Sovereigns on His First Voyage, 15th February-4 March" in David E Stannard, The American Holocaust (New York: Oxford University Press, 1992) p 63 [2] The American Holocaust. p. 65