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Upon looking at e. e. cummings’s poem, “in Just-”,perhaps, two features immediately become apparent: the use of white space between some words and lines, and the multiple use of a single word supporting an entire line. To a lesser degree, the poem’s visual also features the boys’ and girls’ names joined together as though they were each one, and the capitalization of the “m” in “balloonMan” towards the poem’s end. All …

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…poem’s visual appearance might be compared to a page of dialogue within a drama-script . What makes cummings’s poem better is the direction given to the reader, such as the odd capitalization to suggest an accented syllable, or the white space to imply a pause, better still, his use of compressed conjunctions to effect haste and emphatic tones, add the repetitive refrains for accent and syncopation and one could set this poem to music.