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"Immortal Beloved" The film opens with Schindler (Jeroen Krabbe), Beethoven's confidante, beginning a search for the immortal beloved. As he visits the important women in Beethoven's life, we see flashbacks to the composer's disorderly and precarious existence, and we hear music, magnificent music. Taking the mysterious letter that Beethoven wrote to his "Immortal beloved" as the starting point, we follow his secretary's attempt to identify the person to whom the letter is addressed. No one …

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…student or not, this is a spectacular movie with great historical and classical acting that recaptures the time. The story of Beethoven is a great, yet tragic story of one of the greatest, or in my opinion, the greatest composer this world has produced. Immortal Beloved gives Beethoven the story he deserves and depicts the man just as he is, creating an excellent review of the events in this great manís life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**