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----------------------------------------------------------- README for Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 5.01 and Internet Tools November 1999 ----------------------------------------------------------- (c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1999 This document provides complementary or late-breaking informa- tion to supplement the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Internet Explorer and Internet Tools documentation. You can also see the Microsoft Web site for the latest information. If you're looking for information about a specific program or component, try searching for it in the Microsoft Knowledge Base at ------------------------ …

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…than the Local System account, then after installing Internet Explorer 5.0 you would need to manually re-enter the user name and password for that account. To do this, in the Scheduled Tasks folder, click the Advanced menu, and then click AT Service Account. This must be done manually because Internet Explorer 5 Setup cannot decrypt the password that was used by the At service. For more information about At service compatibility, see online Help in Task Scheduler.