iconic oil and temprea painting

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Hind site is always 20/20. Looking back on history, especially the history of painting, one can decipher a great deal about the time it was painted in and the changes in those times. One can understand the value systems, the ethics, government, morality, economics and personal lives of the times reflected in paintings. Periods of art change to what the society demands at the time. The renaissance literally means the rebirth. The rebirth of antiquity, the …

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…the handling of the representation is different. These differences are based on the times they live in and media that is available, then one can see an evolution in art. Art is always malleable to the times, it needs to grow and expand to reach the viewers in their lives. Art can never stay static. Paintings are always one artistís representation of when they live. Bibliography paper on oil and tempera painting from rennisance.