hunchback of notre dame

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Everyday, the people of Paris are accustomed to waking to the bells of Notre Dame. Today, the 6th of January, was different though. It is to be a hectic and eventful for the ambassadors of Flanders would arrive to discuss the marriage of the price to Margaret of Flanders. Coincidentally that same day was the Epiphany and the well-renowned Festival of Fools. As the citizens of Paris awoke, they assembled in the great hall with …

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…as she was hanged. In a rage Quasimodo lifts Frollo and sends his former master hurtling through the air to the street below. After the death of his master and his beloved, Quasimodo was never seen again. Years later, the vault where several bodies were interred was opened and a woman’s skeleton was found together with that of a deformed male. The woman had a silk pouch around her neck, analogous to Esmeralda’s!