humans and chimps

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Humans are classified in the order Primates, and family Hominade. Within this family, human beings, our nearest living relatives, the African apes, are also placed. Though in some classification standards, apes are placed in the family Pongidae. The defining characteristic of Hominids is their ability to walk bi-pedally, using two feet and walking upright. This form of movement lead to many adaptations within the Hominids skeleton. There are notable changes in the spinal cord, pelvis …

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…and similarities are very eye opening, especially to someone who is seeing most of this information for the first time. Although I believe that there is a lot to prove, I do think our direct ancestors were the primates and there should be a lot of research to prove even more similarities. The chimpanzees teach us that it is not only human but also non-human beings that matter in the scheme of things. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**