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“Biff suffering from Willy’s illusions and delusions” Who is William Loman? William Loman is the main character in the play Death Of A Salesman by Arthur Miller. In the play Willy is play as an elderly salesman and lost in false hopes and illusions. As Willy grown older, he has trouble distinguishing between the past and present. The character that suffer from Willy’s illusions and delusions was Biff, Willy’s eldest son. The …

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…home and face Willy’s illusions and delusion before something going to happen. Throughout the play Biff had wasted his time in high school until he was thirty-four years old. If he didn’t suffer from his dad’s illusions and delusions than he could have been an intelligent and a have a successful job. The reasons that Biff suffer from the illusions and delusions was being popular, being a businessman, and disagreeing in subjects.