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Holocaust Timeline 1933 January 30 Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany March 22 Dachau concentration camp opens April 1 Boycott of Jewish shops and businesses April 7 Laws for Reestablishment of the Civil Service barred Jews from holding civil service April 26 Gestapo established May 10 Public burning of books written by Jews, political dissidents, and others not approved by the state July 14 Law stripping East European Jewish immigrants of German citizenship 1934 1934 August 2 Hitler proclaims himself Führer und Reichskanzler (Leader and …

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…to Auschwitz November 8 Beginning of death march of approximately 40,000 Jews from Budapest to Austria 1945 January 17 Evacuation of Auschwitz; beginning of death march January 25 Beginning of death march for inmates of Stutthof April 6-10 Death march of inmates of Buchenwald April 30 Hitler commits suicide May 8 V-E Day: Germany surrenders; end of Third Reich August 6 Bombing of Hiroshima August 9 Bombing of Nagasaki August 15 V-J Day: Victory over Japan proclaimed. September 2 Japan surrenders; end of World War II