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Holocaust Did the Holocaust really happen? A Holocaust is a disaster that results in the large-scale destruction of life (Resnick 9). The Holocaust was during World War II when the Germans killed millions of innocent Europeans. Adolf Hitlerís life and ideas had an enormous impact on Jews, which lead their lives to revolve around the Holocaust. The first incident that led to the Holocaust occurred in 1933 when Hitler created the Third Reich ( Rogasy 11). Hitlerís …

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…natural place because Jews had historic ties to the land. The country Israel was now born. The Holocaust was one of the worst human tragedies of all time. It is important to always remember so it will not be repeatedly. What happened must be constantly laid and examined. The horrors must be repeated retold so that young people with no memory of these times will know the awful truth of the Holocaust. 896 words ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**