history of th people of Crete Island

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The men and women of Crete resemble the double ax so prominent in their religous symbolisim.Male and female alike have torsos narrowing pathologically to an ultramodern waist.Almost all of the Cretans were short in stature, slight and supple of build, graceful in movement, and athletically trim.Their skin was white at birth.The ladies, who court the shades have fair complexions conventionally pale.The men purused wealth under the sun, they are so …

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…worn around the arms.Finger rings of silver, amethyst, or gold were worn.The cretan man expresses his vainest and nobelestpassion is to zeal and beautify.The way the men and women looked, dressed and what the wore defined themselves has cretans, as well as the way they looked and dressed this also decided which socual class the cretan would belong to.in the following paragraph is described the people of the island of Crete.