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Maury Kleinís ďA Hell of a Way to Run a Railroad,Ē gives a new perspective of reliable transportation. During much of the 19th century railroads dominated the American industrial landscape. The railroad enabled people to travel farther and also more widely. The railroad was one of the greatest technological advancements of the 19th century. Two hundred thousand miles of track were laid by 1900. The railroad began to symbolize American prosperity. By the 1890s the …

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…era and had helped modernize the railroad system. Dividends from the Union Pacific are still paying today. Harriman faced the criticism of himself as being arrogant, yet no doubts were cast on his effectiveness of his ability to improve the railroad system. I agree that Harriman was a Napoleon of our time. He changed the railways into major players of the industrial and commercial landscape. He revolutionized American transportation and helped link East with West.