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Hemmingway’s Influence Ernest Hemmingway is one of the greatest writers of all time. Like many great authors he was influenced by the world in which he lived. The environment that surrounded him influenced Hemmingway. These included such things as serving in the war and living in post war areas where people went to forget about the war. Another influence on his writings was his hobbies. He loved the great outdoors. He spent a lot …

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…himself. In addition hemmingways hobbies influenced his works of art. First of all hemmingway loved to deep-sea fish. This appears in his novel The Old Man and The Sea. Hemmingway spent a great while in cuba. Hemmingway moved into whole new world of fabulous fun. It was there that a whole new world broke itself into the sportsman in himself. Fishing the deep sea for great fish suck as the marlin was his newest love.