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CLIENT FOR NETWARE Windows 95 and NetWare 3.12 and 4.01 Servers Opening Files on NetWare 3.11 Servers Lowercase Extended-Character Passwords on NetWare 4.1 Servers Client for NetWare and Programs That Use External Files Novell NetWare Login Scripts Installing Novell Client32 Overwrites NetWare Directory Services Files Upgrading Over an Earlier Beta Version of Windows Printing to NetWare Directory Services Printers PLUG AND PLAY NETWORK CARDS AND 16-BIT REAL-MODE DRIVERS INTEL ETHEREXPRESS 16 NICs AND PCI COMPUTERS WINDOWS FOR WORKGROUP SHARES RUNNING WINDOWS 95 …

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…mode if you are using FAT32. USING COMSPEC VARIABLES POINTING TO NETWORK COMMAND.COM FILES ============================================================= If you are on a network and are currently mapping your compspec to remote network file servers, you may get "incorrect DOS version" errors (and an explanation of the version shipping with Windows 95 version 4.00.950 B being an updated ver 7.1 etc.). You need to map the comspec to the local copy or to a compatible version on the network. Bibliography none