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Aristotle Prior to a look at Aristotle's ethics, I feel it is important to look at the man and his background. Aristotle, an Ionian, was born in Stagira, a Greek town on the northwest shores of the Aegean Sea in 384 B.C. At the age of eighteen he entered Plato's school called the Academy, staying there for nearly twenty years. Plato was quick to realize Aristotle's abilities and called him the Academy's "brightest and most …

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…philosophy of life, though taught hundreds of years ago, still apply today. It is easy to see why it is important for a well educated person to include philosophy as part of his education. An understanding of the great thinkers of our time is vital to knowing the needs and rights of man. By applying this knowledge to one's lifestyle, and profession, one becomes a better person and makes a greater contribution to his society.