hamlet the challenge of revenge

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In the play "Hmalet" Shakespeare uses the revenge to be the main point in the play. Obviusly Hamlet is the one needs to revenge for Old Hmalet. There also Laertes and Fortainbras' revenge for their father, but all of them have different response or action for the revenge. there are three types of individual facing challenge: passive, enthusiasm and no self-opinion. Revenge for one's father is son's responsibity. Hamlet sees the revenge as an important …

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…of gus, or doesn't have a good adviser. If the person has Hamlet's guts and a good adviser, to facing a challenge will not always be a difficulty. Facing challenge is not a hard thing to do but how a person responses to it might be different. All three kinds, follower, enthusiasm, passive, are lacing of others advantages. If three combines together, the method which a person facing challenge would be the best to use.