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Frankenstein: A Critique of Education Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein focuses on human nature and on the possibility of controlling experience in order to shape character and cultural values. Specifically, it focuses on the influence of education and experience in effecting behavior. In general, the characters are divided in to three groups by education and experience: passive rescued women, ambitious bourgeoisie men, and the self-taught lonesome creature. Through the female character group, Mary Shelly illustrates how …

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…acted upon and had absolutely no agency or freedom from a man ever in her life. Mary Shelly uses the female characters of Frankenstein to demonstrate the ridiculous manner in which women were educated in the bourgeois ideal. These ideals taught women to be passive and in turn were acted up instead of being active agents. Thus, Frankenstein is a call for a method of educating women, one that does not limit and weaken women.