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In addition to the help they get from each other, there are many tools and services available that enhance and enrich children's learning experience. For example, various on-line services are available on the world wide web, which include interactive classes and virtual libraries. Also, educational CD-ROMS, workbooks, and magazines are good sources that provide the parent with information on new educational tools (Wingert and Kantrowitz 3). Furthermore, support can be found at public schools (Hawkins 1). In …

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…home schooling gives youngsters to follow their interests, beliefs, and dreams that may be pulled away in school years before they are even discovered. Or perhaps it is the bond created between the mother when for the first time she watches her child write his name. Whatever the case may be, things would have probably been reallly different if Washington, Roosevelt, and Edison were watched over by the high school principal, instead of their parents.