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Greek Civ versus Roman Civ Todayís society in which we live in has based itself on the past achievements and failures of previous civilizations which rose and fell with the hands of time. Every one of those civilizations made certain contributions to history as well as developing human intellectuality in order to enhance its chances of becoming the supreme ruler of our planetís resources. If we look back in history right now we …

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…very word (humanism) we would still be living within medieval standards. Bibliography Bibliography: 1) Internet1, WWW. Pstprst/hist/rme/33/, M. Lazridis, 18/7/00 2) Internet2, WWW. Ucla/humansocial/histrme/, UCLA free education, 18/7/00 3) S. Ozment, D. Kagan, W. Graham, A. Craig, The Heritage Of world Civilization 3rd edition, pages, 87-141, Macmillan college Publishing Company, New York, 1994 4) N. Williams, P. Fisher, Past into Present 3, pages 114-151, Collins College History, 1995 5) D. Kagan, Greek science after Aristotle (1977)