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Years of accumulated rage or fear or sorrow you thought safely buried, converted to fertile soil, can smolder underground for years, burn like a peat fire thought extinguished, dressed in flowering dogwood and jewel weed, undetectable behind eyes calm as summer sky. Then suddenly a smoke wraith appears, a small flame licks a stand of dry cat tails, a twig, a half-rotted log, and soon the whole swamp erupts. All the beautiful animals inside you …

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…like Larry Schug says in his poem, “Peat Fire,” the things u thought buried away for good, appears like a smoke wraith. Jays buried past is dug up and uncovered, which brings his end. Like every illuminating light goes out, Gatsby’s days of glamour are over. Though Gatsby dies later in the book, his death is very much insignificant, because with the collapse of his dream, Gatsby is already spiritua! lly dead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**