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Granny Weatherall and Miss Emily Grierson The main characters in the stories “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” and “A Rose for Emily” have several important similarities. Although the plots, settings, and themes are different, Granny Weatherall and Miss Emily share three distinct traits that make them much alike. These similarities, however, lead to very different outcomes for each character. The main similarities between these two characters are that they are both very stubborn, alone for …

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…him in her life. She lives a sad, lonely life after being rejected. By looking at the similarities between these two women and how each handles her predicaments differently, we see how decisions and actions can either have a positive or negative effect on our life. Obviously, Granny Weatherall lives a much happier life than Miss Emily does. Two different paths and destinations come from the similar situations and characteristics that the two women share.