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Internet Marketing Strategy The mission statement To provide bulk flower imports to local businesses, at competative rates whilst maintaining abolute freshness of product and deilivered on time. Marketing Research Information on Primavera System's Inc. Marketing Research Information Primavera Systems, Inc. In my first report, I outlined some of the information available about Primavera Systems, Inc. I would like to expand on that information and provide additional information about the marketing of Primavera Systems, Inc. main …

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…User Conference. These conferences also provide a keen method for marketing the product. Primavera Systems, Inc. has targeted a primary Management type market. In this capacity it has become one of the world's leading and foremost innovative software company's in the Project Management field. Since its conception, the company has diversified and managed to undertake numerous other projects which enable it to continue growing and maintain its' position as a world leader in this market.